2017 -2018 Covington Highlights

Dance Team about to win

 Dance Team

 So awesome to see the talent of these Colts & many more growing up! 

Colts TalentCovington on stage

Soccer & Writing Camp on a beautiful Saturday with our Colts! 

Soccer CampWriting CampMore SoccerMore Writing 

Many thanks to the Covington Colts Band for helping us celebrate MLK Day! Congrats to Mr. Arnie Yanez, Jazz Band led by Mr. Arnie Yanez 

Colts BandJazz Band

Theater, Choir, Dance & Orchestra Colts going strong late on Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend! Won’t go home!

After school funTaking a breakChoir practice

The Daffodil Project

Beth McDaniel and her husband presented Ms. Shirley Hartmann, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher, with a plaque for the school as a thank you for our dedication and involvement with the Daffodil Project on our campus. Beth McDaniel, a local lawyer and human rights activist, is the person who brought the Daffodil Project to Covington Middle School Fine Arts Academy. In the fall she taught a lesson to all 6th grade students concerning genocide and the Holocaust. She is returning in May to teach a follow-up lesson on genocide in the world today and how to protect human rights. Also, there is a bill in Congress right now, SB 2551 Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act, which she will be lobbying with our Texas Senators. Senator John Cornyn is interested in speaking with four of our 6th grade students about the bill and they will share their thoughts with Senator Cornyn while she is lobbying for the bill. These students will be visiting with the Senator Cornyn on May 5th at the Texas Capitol.

Covington Guitar Players go to UIL

On April 20th, 19 guitar players made Covington MS very proud. This group of all beginning guitar players went to the UIL concert and sightreading contest and earned Sweepstakes ratings (top ratings on both the stage and in the sight-reading room). What an incredible achievement, considering that the all of the other participating groups consisted of 2nd and 3rd year guitar players. If you see one of the students, please congratulate them on an outstanding performance.

Covington Young Philanthropists donate blankets to Project Linus to share with kids in crisis

When the director of Project Linus picked up the 144 blankets Covington made for Project Linus it took students numerous trips to fill the cars! We have donated hundreds and hundreds of blankets to Project Linus over the 10 years we have participated and all of these blankets have been shared locally with kids in crisis. We are so proud of our philanthropists here at Covington. Thank you for your time, fleece donations, money, and hard work making the blankets. 

Covington Artists Earn Scholastic Art Awards

Open to students in 7th through 12th grade, the Scholastic Art Awards is one of the Nation's oldest and most prestigious art events. Judged on creativity, originality, and craftsmanship, this rigorous competition had over a thousand entries from Central Texas. This year only seven awards were presented to AISD middle school students and five of those students are Covington Colts! We are very proud to announce that Almalleli N. and Abbey M. have earned Gold Key Awards, Ianna E. has earned a Silver Key Award, and Lexey W. and Montrell G. have earned Honorable Mentions at this year’s Scholastic Art Awards. They were celebrated at a recognition ceremony on January 26th and Almalleli’s and Abbey’s works were on display at the Scanlan Art Gallery in Westlake Hills.

Covington is Growing in New Ways! 

Covington Middle School was honored this fall as one of the select schools to receive a grant in corporation with National Wildlife Federation to create a Native Plant and Animal Habitat.

What an incredible opportunity Covington has been presented to expand our student’s learning and awareness in a completely different educational way! We realized the potential of this partnership and ran with it. Covington students created an outstanding Habitat Plan that includes butterfly, bird, hummingbird, native grass, cacti gardens, an animal tracking station and a succession garden. With such a supportive administration, we were granted permission to change one of the offered electives to “Native Plants and Animals”. This class is specifically designated for creating, planting, and maintaining the habitat. The students learn about the relationship between plants and animals, as well as the role humans play in maintaining the ecosystems around us.The native elective also partnered with Keep Austin Beautiful, Austin Parks and Wildlife, National Wildlife Federation (who was responsible for the grant), and Texas Parks and Wildlife. These organizations come to the Covington campus and work alongside the students several times a month. They provide lessons on erosion, deposition, differences in soil, planting days, responsibilities of park rangers, creating worm bins, and the list continues to grow. Not only is the class led by enthusiastic teachers, these teachers are also part of the science department. The class lessons are structured to support TEKS taught in science classes. From ecosystems to food webs to adaptations of organisms, they are literally “digging in” to science!