Spring 2024 Tennis Schedule Coming Soon

Coach - Mr. Angermeier

Students who want to participate in tennis:

  • must have a current physical date on or after April 15, 2023
  • must be passing all classes
  • must not have any failing grades and no referrals or trips to ALC
  • must wear tennis shoes at all practices. If you do not wear tennis shoes you will not be able to practice
  • need to wear tennis attire - shorts, t- shirts and tennis shoes
  • must be on time - if you think you will be late or miss practice I want to know about it beforehand, not the next day
  • must wear a Covington Tennis Shirt along with tennis shoes and shorts on match days
    • I will give each member a Covington Tennis Shirt
    • Any color shorts may be worn
  • Rackets: I have some extra rackets but you will benefit from having your own racket.


Games are held on Wednesday afternoons. Students from other schools will be travelling to our school.

    • when you are done with your match(es) you may go home
    • please arrange to have someone pick you up after matches