Principal Message Dec 10-16th

A heartfelt thank you echoes through the halls of Covington Middle School to our incredible parents whose unwavering support illuminated our recent musical performances. Your encouragement fueled the soaring melodies of our orchestra, the vibrant chords of our guitar program, and the rhythmic beats of our band. Your presence truly made these events a resounding success!


And to our fantastic audience members—your enthusiasm filled the theater to the brim, transforming each night into a spectacle of talent and dedication. Your cheers and support meant the world to our students, and we're immensely grateful for your presence.


As the crescendo of excitement continues, mark your calendars for the upcoming Division 2 girls basketball tournament, Round 1, on Thursday, the 14th! Let's paint the stands maroon and gold as our 7th-grade team faces Dobie at 6:00 PM, followed by an electrifying match as the 8th-grade team takes on Burnet right after. Let's unite in support and create an unforgettable atmosphere for our girls' basketball A and B teams!



Your unwavering support enriches our school's spirit and fosters an environment where our students shine. Thank you for being the driving force behind Covington's success. Let's continue to cheer, support, and celebrate together!"